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Monday, 20 January 2014

A few months back now, I had an epiphany, a calling, a sign. Call it what you will, God came down and spoke to me... he spoke to me in the form of a pair of trainers!

Previous to this divine intervention I would run a mile (excuse the pun) at the thought of trainers or any sports attire for that matter. This was until I was blessed with my £12 Primark trainers.
I had seen quite a few people wearing Nike Air Max and quite liked them, although I didn't think it would be worth getting any as I didn't see them fitting into my wardrobe not to mention the price tag. As time went on, they really started to grow on me and I started considering different ways of wearing them but they still "weren't me". This was until me and my flatmate ventured out for a "quick look round Primark". Several hours later they were in my basket and I decided to give them a go. Thank God I did! They haven't come off my feet since!

In the weeks running up to my deadline, ( haha I just can't stop) I lived in these shoes! I would spend all day on my feet, pattern cutting, rushing downstairs to the sewing room, running into town to collect fabric, a quick stop to pick up some coffee before racing back up for a model fitting, you get the idea; but these made everything so much easier! Comfort is a huge importance to me so these will of course be packed up in my suitcase when I move to London as an intern essential.

They made my mornings pretty easy too. Getting dressed I would just throw on a top and jeans before slipping these on. I have made a little set to show you how I would style them. 

Although they can be a bit daunting for us girly girls, they come in all shapes and styles and most importantly colours! So there is something for everyone. They are a great way to add as well as clash colour in an outfit not to mention giving it a bit of effortless cool! 

How are you wearing yours?

First Look at Primark Spring Summer 2014

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Now who would have thought this was Primark? Not only have the upped their prices, they seemed to have upped their design game too! As a student, Primark is a bit of a "go-to" if I'm needing pieces for my wardrobe or just a shopping up-lift but recently I was feeling a bit let down by them. I felt their things were starting to become a bit boring or weren't pulling off the trends in the way I wanted them to. No more leather contrast sleeves please! 

Its seems that they must have heard my moaning because their Spring Summer 2014 collection looks a hell of a lot better! 

Although you won't catch me in this little bandeau number, I do however really like this white jacket. These looks have been styled in a far more high-end than high-street way so hats off to you Primark for this one.

I have a feeling these little separates will be seen a lot over the summer. I love the palm tree print! This would look great with a pair of white leather sandals and a cocktail in one hand - great for day to night. 

I know summer is a very long way off but I can't wait for this collection to come into stores. They have some lovely statement necklaces that will soon be arriving so I may try and get my hands on them even if it means pairing it with a big wooly jumper while I wait for things to heat up here in England.

(Just a little "sorry" for the picture quality. Still trying to get to grips with html code)

Apology, Update & Exciting Things to Come

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely christmas and a that 2014 is treating you well so far!

First of all, I feel an apology is in order… I have been away for rather a while recently so for this i am sorry. The past few months have been a bit of a blur for me. As you may, or may not know, I am a fashion student at Northumbria University so in September I moved back up to Newcastle to move into my first flat with my lovely flatmate Katherine. Following this, as part of my course I designed a collection for Dr Martens (I may do a post on this later) so this meant a lot of late nights, coffee filled mornings and a lot of pin pricked fingers but at the end of the day its what I love doing so I can't really complain. After all of this hard work and catwalk complete I packed up all of my things and after a few jam-packed car journeys, I have moved to my new cottage in a small village called Ripley.

Now, I know I'm not the only one to be thinking this and it may just be because its the first week in January but I have a really good feeling about 2014! This is probably going to be my busiest, scariest but hopefully best year yet.  The way my course works, I am now finished at uni for a year! Now, this does not mean that I don't have any work to do in this time! I have a few projects that have been set but I also have to go out and find myself an internship! Exciting stuff! So this will involve me packing my things once more (you'd think I would be good at it by now) and moving to London within the next few months! Something I am really quite terrified about. Although this does mean that I will have some interesting things to blog about. I have a lovely long list of things that I want to do and places I want to visit while in London so these will all be blogged about, not to mention an insiders view to the fashion houses and life as a fashion intern. 

Enough of my rambling! I hope you can understand why I have been away but will join me on my blogging adventure as an intern living in London as well as my usual posts! I would also like to check out more blogs similar to my own, so if you read my blog and have your own, please comment with a link so I can have a little look!

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