Everything Is Going To Be All White

Thursday, 27 June 2013

White. All White, everything White! This has to be one of my favourite trends at the moment, although, to be honest with you, its also a trend that scares the absolute “you know what” out of me! Its always good to take risks though, isn't it?

The all-white trend has been seen an awful lot recently, especially with Wimbledon being on at the moment. It’s a style that I think suits anyone, all ages and sizes…. As long as you do it right! I think the basic colour block really puts an emphasis on the cut of the garment and is such a statement outfit, you are sure to stand out. I think that this Jill Sander dress bellow is a perfect example!

If it wasn't for me being a poor student, I would most definitely be wearing a head to toe, wide leg, well-tailored, jumpsuit; or maybe even incorporate another trend that I am absolutely in love with at the moment, and that’s the shorts and blazer combination.

If like me you have a "champagne taste but a lemonade budget", then this style is totally "do-able" on the high-street. This is just one out the outfits I have been wearing recently.

White Lace Dress from River Island

Ive been pairing this dress with my emerald green waist-belt from Primark to add a pop of colour or I love to wear a bright lipstick like my Mac "Morange" orange shade or my Dior "Fushia Bright" to add a bit more excitement to the outfit. I've also been wearing it with pair of white patent loafers from Primark last year or these white loafers from New Look.

I think this trend is so great because of how versatile it can be. It’s great for a holiday and even better when you get back to show off your goddess tan but also great for those who, like me, want to embrace the “English Rose” look. Either way, as long as you don’t wear it with cheap fake tan, you are going to look insane!

So all in all, I'm in love with the white-on-white trend! I think it can add sophistication to any of us - just make sure you steer clear of the Ketchup at the summer BBQ!

For more images like this check out my Polyvore profile.


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